Organizing the Homeless Could Swing November's Election

Affordable housing continues to be a hot-button topic in SanFrancisco this election season. There are seven housing and homelessness measures on San Francisco’s ballot in November. But less has been heard from those most impacted: the homeless. How do they feel about voting?

Original air date on KALW's Crosscurrents: Oct. 4, 2016

Bay Area Voices on Racial Injustice

KALW teamed up with the East Bay Express to share essays by Bay Area residents about racial injustice in America. Dozens wrote in with their thoughts on last month’s police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The 4-part series marks the two-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. 

Produced with Justine Lee for KALW, in partnership with the East Bay Express, where the essays reflecting on racial injustice in America originally appeared.

Original air date on KALW's Crosscurrents: August 8-11, 2016

"Heads I live, tails I don't"


Brokeitude in San Francisco

Follow me on a journey across San Francisco as I try to answer the question: "Is art in the city dead?"

Finalist in's 2016 Radio is Yours Contest on the theme of "Changing City." 
Produced with Amy Early, Mallory Morales and Allie Cheroutes.

De-Extinction: Pigeon of the Future

Passenger pigeons were hunted to extinction in the early 20th Century. Now the Long Now’s Revive & Restore project is using science to resurrect them and bring balance back to degraded ecosystems.

But what's at stake?

Produced with Mike Kohn as part of KCRW's 3rd Annual 24-Hour Radio Race, where participants record, edit and produce themed radio stories... all within a single day.

The Hidden World of the Cape Cod Homeless

What is it like to live in a completely different reality, invisible to most?

Hyannis, just around the corner from the Kennedy compound, has Cape Cod's largest largest homeless population.

There is another world in Cape Cod, known to the people living on its streets and in its woods – yet who still call the Cape home. The hidden side of homelessness is full of obvious hardships, but also moments of camaraderie, resourcefulness, and even joy.

Produced as part of the Transom Storytelling Workshop.
Aired on PRX Remix. An abridged version aired on the 18th Annual Homelessness Marathon on  February 18, 2016.

Jay Critchley: Accidental Performance Artist

Jay Critchley

Irreverent. Visionary. Provocative. Jay Critchley’s performance art has been called many things. Since his reinvention as a “born-again artist,” Jay has made his own unique creative mark in Cape Cod and beyond.

As he confronts his years of artwork for a retrospective, he muses on his unorthodox path to art – one that takes him through unemployment, a battle with town hall, and a love affair with sand.

Produced as part of the Transom Storytelling Workshop.
Originally aired as part of WCAI's Creative Life Series on May 25, 2015.

Milton 510: Art from Racism

Bay Area artist Milton Bowens, or Milton 510, makes statement paintings that are hard to ignore. I met with him in Oakstop Gallery in downtown Oakland to talk about art, history and his version of truth.

Included in PBS Black Culture Connection's Standup Seed on Cowbird.